Aged Care financeQ & A

Aged Care funding strategies

Looking into the different types of aged care accommodation available and the associated costs can be quite complex and requires careful consideration

Issues to be considered include payment of accommodation bonds, fees and charges, arranging aged care assessments, tax implications and estate planning

Aged care fees and charges can often be complex and can vary according to circumstances. The fees and charges are generally calculated in relation to levels of income and assets

Residents of aged care facilities are required to pay a daily care fee and income tested fee depending on their level of income plus, for low care, an accommodation bond or charge.

One of the main considerations when entering an aged care facility is deciding whether to keep or sell the home.

How we can help

  • Our role is to understand your needs and lifestyle objectives and provide a sound and effective plan and structure to assist you relating to aged care.
  • Advise on structuring your assets and income to maximise your entitlements.
  • Help calculate and advise on the best strategy for the family home (keep? – Rent? – Sell?)
  • Help maintaining the Age Pension, if possible
    As a result of our tailored, individual financial plan, the benefits you can expect to obtain include:
  • A structured plan that will assist to address your aged care concerns
  • Strategies and guidelines
  • How best to pay for Aged Care: Lump sum, periodic payments or a combination of both
  • Sufficient funds for capital expenses such as aged care fees
  • Potential Centrelink benefits to enhance and supplement your income
  • Maximising the longevity of your retirement income and capital
  • Estate Planning information (ie Will, Power of Attorney, Testamentary Trusts)
  • Peace of mind

Questions & Answers

Q. What upfront costs will I need to pay?

A. We can help you determine how to pay for your accommodation. This may involve a lump sum payment, regular instalments or a combination of both.

Q. How much will I pay for ongoing care??

A. There are strategies to minimise the fees you pay. Keeping or selling your home often forms part of the strategy as does how you invest. A poorly executed plan can result in a lower age pension and higher aged care costs.

Q. Can I keep my home or is it better for me to sell it??

A. We can explain what to consider if you are thinking of keeping or selling your family home. If kept, we can discuss strategies to pay the agreed accommodation costs and explain how your family home will be treated for Social Security and aged care purposes. If sold, we can also help identify the best way to invest the proceeds and get the balance right between generating an income, maximising the age pension and minimising care fees.

Q. How do I maximise my social security benefits??

A. Your choice of investments may help you access or retain benefits. We can help you find the optimal solution for your situation.


We will help You understand:

    • How to qualify
    • Where to find a suitable facility
    • Up-front costs
    • Ongoing costs
    • Strategies to minimise fees
    • Strategies to maximise social security benefits
    • Implications if keeping or selling the family home
    • Alternative optional investment strategies
  • To find out more:

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